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With over 15 years of experience practicing in Officer and high-end management roles both in Local Government and the
private industry, Our Company is focused on delivering an holistic, personable and professional product suitable for your purpose.

  With Town Planning and project-management experience in London, UK and the Hunter Valley, NSW Australia, our
business has a competitive advantage, being able to provide a product which is versatile and dynamic.

  Delivering a fast and best possible outcome for your investment is our goal.

   Our advice will include correspondence with other relevant professionals which will benefit your investment by
providing a clear understanding of Government policies and plans, risks and options in a projects early inception.

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Chris Speek is the founder and director of Valley Planning.

With a strong customer service background, Chris has travelled the world and experienced a range of cultures, which has provided a positive influence and approach to understanding the workings of today’s society.

Together, this ensures the delivery of a high end professional product suitable and adaptable to your requirements.

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